Retractable Patio Awnings Provide Comfort, Shelter, Shade & Beauty at Your Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to have total control over the amount of shade your patio gets? The good news is that you can easily go from no coverage to full coverage with a retractable patio awning from Evans Home Improvement! The outdoor awnings we install can make backyard living at your South Shore, North Shore, or Cape Cod, Massachusetts-area home even more enjoyable with the ultimate convenience at your fingertips. We have been installing retractable patio awnings since 1988, and we’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.Retractable awning covering part of a second-story outdoor deck

Premium Retractable House Awnings

Shading solutions have come a long way since 1988. Today, a traditional retractable patio awning can project up to 15 feet by 11 inches with a push of a button. The awnings we install are designed to retract neatly so as not to become an eyesore on your home when not fully extended, and with a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the right structure and functionality for your needs. Plus, the high-performance fabric we use is easy to clean and resists the UV rays, mold and mildew growth, rainwater, and other factors that can diminish an awning’s appearance over time. With a bevy of attractive fabric colors and patterns to choose from, you can rest assured your retractable patio awning’s good looks will last for the long haul.

What’s more, we can even install retractable outdoor awnings at your commercial property or place of business.

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Tired of letting the sun or rain dictate how much you can enjoy outdoor living at your South Shore, MA, home? Reach out to Evans Home Improvement today to learn more about our retractable patio awnings and get started.

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