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Do you need a concrete foundation?
No! A Sun Room can be installed on your existing deck or concrete patio. We can also build a deck or pour a concrete pad, if necessary. 

Is this room just for the summer season?
No! There are two Sun Room options; an All-Season Room or Three-Season Room.

What is the difference?
The All-Season Sun Room is a vinyl room that is thermally broken, has a solid insulated roof system, uses high performance, 7/8" insulated, low E-glass and is heatable, making it comfortable for year round use. Kneewalls can either be insulated tempered glass or insulated panels. Windows pivot in for easy cleaning.

The Three-Season Room is perfect for spring, summer, and fall. It is not meant to be heated, but with passive solar effects, use on mild winter days is possible. Glass can either be single pane, tempered or insulated. The room also has a solid roof system and insulated kneewall. 

What size and styles do they come in?
The Three-Season or All-Season Patio Room can be customized to fit your specifications and budget. Choose from attractive gable or studio style rooms, with floor to ceiling glass for maximum view and ventilation, or traditional kneewall for extra strength and privacy. 

How are the rooms usually finished?
We build the room.  You add the furniture, carpet, electricity and accessories!

What colors do the  Sun Rooms come in?
White, Beige, and Bronze.

How strong is the roof system?
The roof will support 100 lb. per square foot, twice what the Massachusetts building code requires and more than enough strength to handle our New England winters! 

How do you maintain these rooms?
These rooms are maintenance free and will never need painting. The panels are dirt, scratch and fade resistant. 

What is the warranty?
Each  Sun Room carries an airtight 2 0-year warranty. Since these rooms are made with vinyl and baked enamel products, you can expect this room to last as long as your house.  There is a lifetime warranty on glass breakage. 

How long does it take to install a room?
These rooms can generally be installed in less than a week, so disruption to your lifestyle is kept to a minimum. 

How much does a room like this cost?
Depending on your dimensions, you’ll be surprised at how affordable the Patio Room is.