(Harvey Classic Vinyl Patio Room Video)
The All-Season and Three-Season Vinyl Sun System provides the opportunity to comfortably enjoy the beauty of the seasons.
What Makes these Rooms Special?
            • Increases the value of your home
            • Provides additional living space
            • Lifetime warranty on glass breakage, 10 year warranty on roof and wall panels, metal framing and paint finish 
            • Custom designed to fit your home and budget
            • Made in the USA
            • Highest load tested roof at 100 lbs. per foot
            • Roof panel is 25% more dense than most other roof systems.
            • 2 piece extruded mullion system strengthens entire roof.
            • Panels are dirt, scratch, and fade resistant no painting needed
            • Windows and doors are fully weather-striped with secure locks and interlocking panels
            • Krystal Kote clear coating system makes aluminum finish less permeable
            • Load bearing swivel header beam adjusts to pitch of roof
            • Extruded gutter system is 5 times stronger than conventional house gutters
            • Perform Guard keeps carpenter ants or termites from damaging the structural foam fores in roof and knee panels
            • Sloped sill allows fast water drainage
            • More affordable than conventional construction
            • Installs generally within one week-minimal disruption to your lifestyle
            • Concealed aluminum extrusions feature polyurethane thermal breaks.
            • Insulated 7/8" glass is standard with Swiggle Strip warm edge spacer technology.
            • Multi-chambered frames combine superior strength of aluminum with increased thermal efficiency of vinyl.
            • Multi-point locking mechanism works easily with just one handle.
            • Swing in tilt and slide windows are easy to clean.
            • Sloped sill allows fast water drainage.
            • Dent and scratch free vinyl or glass tempered knee wall.
            • Patented Parallex window operating system
            • Windows with knee wall or tempered glass patio doors
            • Skylights
            • Low E glass
            • Insulated Glass
            • Transoms
            • White, bronze or beige color

Every one of our rooms is custom designed and manufactured to fit your personal lifestyle and budget – which makes it your room.
Extend your outdoor living season, and transform your little used patio room or deck into your own outdoor oasis!