Decks and patios are wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors, but are limiting.

Rain and wind can spoil an outdoor get-together quickly and can make entertaining outdoors a risky proposition. Mosquitoes swarm at night, driving guests indoors. Constant sweeping is required, as pine needles, leaves and debris collect on the surface. Frequent painting and staining is needed. And sometimes, it’s just too hot to sit out on the deck in the summer.

You get the picture. A deck is great to have, but, not always comfortable to use or easy to maintain.
Screened porches are an improvement, but inclement weather is still a concern.   Also, the use of a screen porch is limited to the short New England summer season.

We want to enjoy outdoor living in our home, but we want comfort, reliability, and low maintenance, as well.

A Three-Season or an All-Season Sun Room is just the solution.

Both rooms provide you with outdoor feel, but offer the comfort of indoors.